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I got my CAR & APPROVAL for my NEW HOME

Traveling Nurse

Cassandra Jenkins
San Meto, California
Credit score before: 540
Credit score after: 757

Casandra’s Situation: After getting divorced, Cassandra was in desperation of purchasing a new home and car. More so the car as her credit was beyond repair that she was renting vehicles to get back and forth to work. Cassandra had a total of 3 bankruptcies, 18 tax liens and judgments, collections a vast number of late payments. —

Cassandra Testimony with Credit D

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I’m In my New Home


Candice Clark

 Richmond, VA      

Credit score before 595

Credit Score after: 687

Candice Situation: Wanted a place to live where my children can grow up and was constantly getting denied until I found Credit Doctor of GA!


Candice’s Testimonial-“Where do I begin I had been “attempting” to purchase my first home for about 3 years and was constantly being denied b

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For several reasons, Credit Doctor GA are one of the fastest growing Credit Repair organizations in the United States. We utilize a unique process that includes the individual analysis of each negative item on your credit report to guarantee the correct dispute action. We can correct discrepancies and errors on your credit report, improve your scores and help you achieve your goals! Get your credit repair process started, and we will take care of your credit report issues and keep you posted via our exclusive web login page. Contact Credit Doctor GA today!

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